Register by SMS

A post from the Weather Permitting Blog

Previously if an unregistered user text the SMS service they would be told they need an account to use the service. This new feature will actually create an account via text message. You will be prompted for your name, and finally for your email address. The new account will automatically follow popular Rivington Soaring Associate sites allowing you ask for suitable slope soaring sites immediately, without any further input.

To log in to the Weather Permitting site, the you will need to perform a password reset.

Register by SMS is a little limited, however completing the feature set is reliant on development in other areas of the site, so this will take some time. It works though, and should make life a little easier for those without smart phones, or access to a computer.

One particular area that needs reworking is the auto-follow system. As new users from outside the Rivington Soaring Association club join and add sites it will be necessary to populate each account's "auto follows" based on their location. Bit of a pain to develop, so I'm going to shelve that issue until it becomes a problem.

Posted on 17th Dec, 2015, by Simon Stevens