Weather Permitting

Quickly find which of your Slopes has suitable conditions for Slope Soaring

Weather Forecasts for all your Slopes, in one place

Don't look up weather forecasts for each of your Slope Soaring locations.

Quickly find where you can Slope Soaring "today, tomorrow or this weekend", with one click.

Find Suitable Slopes
on your Phone

Weather Permitting works on your smartphone, simply open it in your browser, and find where you're Slope Soaring next.

or ask our
Text Message service

Don't have a smart phone?

Send a text message to 01681 292 009 telling us when you want to fly, and Weather Permitting will reply with the 3 Slopes with most suitable conditions.

Tips from other Pilots

Detailed information from other pilots and Slope Soaring clubs.

Weather Permitting sources data from the community, so you can be sure that it's up to date, and useful.

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