God View aka "Map"

A post from the Weather Permitting Blog

3 weeks since the last Weather Permitting blog post, oops! I've been polishing lots of existing features, and fixing bugs since my last update, but the biggest addition is the new Map page which shows all the Slopes in the UK.


The new Map page shows all UK Slopes and Clubs by default, allows you to search for UK locations and provides Slope/Club information when you click an icon. You can even follow a Slope from it's pop up info window on the map.

You also have the ability to show just the Slopes/Clubs that you're following, or none at all... actually, as I'm typing this I realise that having a None option is useless, it just gives you an empty map, what I'd meant to add was a "Not Following" option. I'm going to change that as soon as I'm done with this update. Amazing what you realise just by talking about it :).

I've had the Map page "finished" 2 or 3 times since the start of February, but it's important that any feature is easy to understand and use, so it's taken me several attempts to get it just right. No doubt there will need to be tweaks, bugfixes and improvements, so I really hope that you can give me some feedback on any improvements, or things that are confusing or unclear.

Posted on 26th Feb, 2016, by Simon Stevens