Ballynagelty (Rostrevor)

near Rostrevor, Newry, Newry and Mourne

This slope does not have any ownership or flying permission details stored. If you are visiting the slope, please make yourself known to local pilots and exercise caution.
Suitable for Winds: SE, SSE
Near: Rostrevor, Newry, Newry and Mourne

Not a main stream site but I had a good session there.

See here for more information:

Note that the day I flew winds were forecast SSW but local conditions were more like SSE / SE


Park at the Top car park and walk up the wide trail to CloughMor and then up a steep path above. i flew from a small flat are below and to the right of the summit.

5 Day Weather Forecast

Sunday8th Dec

Monday9th Dec

Tuesday10th Dec

Wednesday11th Dec

Thursday12th Dec


27mph WNW

Rain: 62%

31mph NNW

Rain: 59%

27mph S

Rain: 62%

29mph WSW

Rain: 17%

25mph WSW

Rain: 56%


22mph WNW

Rain: 31%

43mph NW

Rain: 41%

31mph S

Rain: 91%

27mph SW

Rain: 42%

20mph SSW

Rain: 55%


27mph W

Rain: 78%

36mph NW

Rain: 9%

34mph S

Rain: 95%

27mph SW

Rain: 47%

16mph S

Rain: 65%


27mph W

Rain: 9%

29mph NW

Rain: 2%

36mph SSW

Rain: 89%

27mph WSW

Rain: 47%

13mph SSW

Rain: 61%


38mph WSW

Rain: 48%

20mph NW

Rain: 0%

36mph SW

Rain: 92%

27mph WSW

Rain: 16%

16mph W

Rain: 19%


43mph WSW

Rain: 78%

11mph SW

Rain: 1%

31mph W

Rain: 71%

27mph WSW

Rain: 47%

16mph W

Rain: 37%


36mph SW

Rain: 83%

16mph SSW

Rain: 6%

31mph WSW

Rain: 50%

29mph W

Rain: 52%

20mph WNW

Rain: 21%


29mph W

Rain: 66%

20mph S

Rain: 9%

29mph WSW

Rain: 45%

27mph WSW

Rain: 44%

22mph WNW

Rain: 17%